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Jan 30 '14
Crooks On Tape - Duper (Fingerprint)

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Jan 30 '14


Crooks On Tape - “If Feelings Mean A Thing”

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Jan 30 '14

and on a semi-related note i know i’ve been sort of weird about this new blog thing… i’ve tried to get a new start online, sort of, and it’s been sort of working, but i also miss a bunch of you, so i’m at a point where, idk, if you want to follow my blog just message me and i’ll give you the new one, and i may not follow back right away but i’ll probably do it at some point, but i just won’t probably be around as much to like and reblog and comment, idk, but yeah, get a hold of me if you still have interest in what i do, if you haven’t found my absence from this blog to be a welcome respite, and i’ll give you my new blog ok? OK

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Jan 30 '14

okay so i know this blog is semi dead or whatever but i just wanted to geek out and i wanted all the radiohead people i’m friends with here to read about it

so remember caribou and how they were incredible live? so their bassist on that tour was john schmersal, who has been in some of my favorite bands for over 10 years. he was in brainiac who came out of the 90s dayton, oh, scene with guided by voices and the breeders, and did kind of a more-bizarre and more-harsh devo thing. and after brainiac he formed enon, which, for my money, was one of the best bands to come out of the 00s, and they were on touch and go with like the les savy fav, !!!, blonde redhead kind of arena but were better than all of them. and enon did at least four stellar records and were on yo gabba gabba of all things.

and after enon john joined caribou on bass which where you begin to care about all of this if you’re a radiohead person. and seeing john in cinci with caribou opening for radiohead was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me as a longterm and ultrahardcore enon fan and a longterm and ultrahardcore radiohead fan. 

so tonight i went to see his new band, crooks on tape, and they’re like so good, so good, it’s the energy i remember from the first time i saw enon, but like with the experimentalism of brainiac, without losing the melody of enon, plus an all new vibe and direction. oh my god, they’re so great, they’re exactly what i’ve been missing in music. they had like a billion synths and effects, but their songs are so strange, like if midnite vultures had a baby with raymond scott. or prince and girls against boys got together. it’s so great.

i know this is like an eon long to read, but i just hope one of oyu gives a shit because i am so happy right now. i met him tonight, after fawning over him since i was 16, being obsessed with every incarnation and iteration of his music, and i had an actual conversation with the man and shook his hand, and he thanked /me/ for coming, and just WOW WOW WOW


just wow

and his mom and dad were at the show! they drove from dayton!! OMG! everything is so wonderful!

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Jan 17 '14

meowrryxmas said: you recreating?

yeah, working on it. i added a few people and music etc blogs to see where the volume was at with just, like, 10-20 blogs, and i’m gonna slowly add people on until i get to a point where it’s the most volume i feel like i can deal with while following as many of the people i find interesting as i can

idk i’m trying to get out of the habit of wasting a lot of time on tumblr but i also still have a bunch of people i give a shit about, so it’s hard to decide, like, i like a person and i think their blog is great but i can’t deal with all these billions of posts that happen if i add everyone i like, so even though i like a person i can’t add them? idk it’s kind of awful and i feel terrible attempting to cull anyone from my tumblr consciousness.

i wish everyone who finds my blog and acquaintanceship inessential would tell me and make this easier

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